Adios Adwords, Behold the brand new Google Ads!

If you are;

a) something of a Digital marketeer yourself and/or

b) have managed not to live under a rock for the past week,

you are most likely to be aware of the latest Google Ads rebrand which was announced by the search engine giant’s Senior Vice President, Ads & Commerce,  Sridhar Ramaswamy in his latest blog.

There still are a lot of uncertainties around it but what we do know at this point is that Google has decided to integrate its multifaceted digital marketing products under 3 brand new advertising platforms:

Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform and Google Ads Manager.

This shift unfortunately means that we will have to bid farewell to some of the oldest advertising companions that the company has been offering, and that includes my personal favourite over the years, Google Adwords.

So long, Comrade!

Now that we’ve got the tear jerking part out of the way, let’s try to dismantle this update and quickly understand what lies for us on the other side of this platform/advertising/perception overhaul.

If, like me, you’ve been closely observing the digital advertising trends over the last few years, you know that the wheels that are driving this change have been set in motion since a long time now and what we’re witnessing is sort of a crescendo from the marketing maestro that is Google.

The reason why I say this is because both the Internet and Google have come a long way since where they were 18 years ago.

What happened 18 years ago? Google Adwords was launched!

Those were the pre-Biblical times when people would sit in front of their computers and search for information. As opposed to this, we interact with the internet much more frequently and across several screens for diverse purposes.

Thanks to its massive database and exhaustive machine learning prowess, Google empowers the advertisers to push their content to the desired audience on all those avenues.

According to Sridhar,” Mobile is now a huge part of our everyday lives. People quickly switch from searching for products, to watching videos, browsing content, playing games and more. As a result, marketers have more opportunities to reach consumers across channels, screens and formats. The opportunity has never been more exciting, but it’s also never been more complex. Over the years, Google ads have evolved from helping marketers connect with people on Google Search, to helping them connect at every step of the consumer journey through text, video, display and more.”

So without further ado, let’s dive head first into all the three brand new products.

Google Ads

By announcing the new Google Ads, the company has yet again shown its readiness in empowering the small businesses with the power of AI across all the platforms it owns.

What this simply means is that Google will give advertisers an unprecedented access “to connect with the billions of people finding answers on Search, watching videos on YouTube, exploring new places on Google Maps, discovering apps on Google Play, browsing content across the web, and more,” the blog says.

If you own a small business, Google’s Smart Campaigns are designed to provide you with the optimum results without having to spend a lot of time trying to chisel them to suit your needs.

All that Google asks of you is to answer a few basic questions that enable it to design the campaign based on your preferences and run it for you so that you can put your valuable time to good use and cater to your customers who, according to Google, will flock in!

Here’s a delightful clip explaining how the entire Google universe conspires to make your brand work:

Google Marketing Platform

DoubleClick is yet another veteran Advertising tool which, in its current form, be put to rest with the latest update.

Google plans to merge the functionalities of DoubleClick Digital Marketing and Analytics 360, fusing advertising together with real time analytics and thereby creating enormous value by allowing the “creative, agency, and media teams to collaborate and execute ad campaigns end-to-end in a single place.”

In this avalanche of rebranding, the DoubleClick Search tool has also been renamed to Search Ads 360.

Yet again, Google has slyly given the users a sneak peak into what it has planned for the future, an omnipresent ad experience for the users, controlled from a single unified platform by the advertiser.

Although many details about the newly consolidated platform are to be announced by the company during their keynote event on July 10th, we can be certain about the fact that companies that have the capabilities to run large scale campaigns will have it a lot easier to “plan, buy, measure and optimize digital media and customer experiences in one place.”

Google Ads Manager

The brand new and much more simpler platform, Google Ad Manager, is another embodiment of the fact that Google senses the need to simplify its Advertising and Marketing tools for seamless functioning.

Created by clubbing together DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange, the platform promises to help the partners in interacting with the perpetually connected user base.

Why now?

The timing of the update and its inclination towards helping its partners simplify and streamline Ad campaigns strongly suggests that Google feels its important now more than ever to shift the focus from Keyword centric campaigns to audience centric campaigns.

The company wants the partners to be aware about the enormous opportunities that are offered by the new paradigms in advertising and wants to help them effectively leverage it.

From giant multinationals to busy small business owners, it appeals everyone to embrace the power of machine learning and AI.

“Will my prices change?”

The company says that at the moment, it doesn’t have any plans to change the prices of the ongoing services offered by the platforms.

Google promises a smooth transition into what it calls a much more seamless, hasslefree way to advertise, and says that you will be swiftly and slowly guided through all the exciting new features that have been announced and will soon be rolled out gradually.

What this update means for you?

The transition of Google Adwords to Google Ads along with consolidation of various other products into unified entities points towards the company’s pursuit of simplification of the Google Advertising suit. And from the looks of it, these updates will be a fairly regular affair in the months to come.

Google Partners:

At this point you’re probably wondering “Am I supposed to scratch my head and scramble for information every time Google announces an update?” Well, not that it’s not an option, but there are better ways to go about it.

To keep digital marketeers aware about the latest changes that they launch, Google has a partners program under which they certify the agencies that consistently pass the benchmarks set by Google and provide them with an exclusive Google partner badge.

Needless to say, partnering with a Google partner and having them in charge of your digital endeavors not only is highly rewarding, but it also takes a lot of load off your chest and makes time for you to do things that matter like growing your business, or finally learning that 6-string!

That’s it from me, for now!

I’ll be posting a lot more about the new Google platforms as the updates roll out and try to demystify them for all the good folks out there.

6 Benefits of Working with a Google Partner

PPC advertising is a great way to drive traffic to a business website. When it comes to PPC, no tool or platform is better than Google AdWords. Almost every digital marketing agency offers PPC services but choosing the right partner is essential for a cost-efficient and successful campaign.

Not every agency that provides such services is equipped with the expertise to understand the nuances of PPC marketing. As Google commands an authority in PPC advertising, choosing a Google-certified partner gives a business an edge over competitors.

Many marketing agencies offer pay-per-click (PPC) advertising as one of their many services to help drive potential customers to your website. Without a doubt, Google AdWords is one of the best ways to increase your company’s online visibility.

However, using the platform correctly is not quite as straightforward or simple as many may think. Unfortunately, many agencies who offer Google AdWords and other PPC campaigns do not know what they are doing. Furthermore, choosing an agency that is not certified by Google to properly manage AdWords accounts could result in you paying more for clicks.

Google Partner-certified Agency
A Google Partner-certified agency is one that appoints multiple Google AdWords-certified professionals, constantly meets Google’s quality standards, participates in ongoing training programs and continues to grow client base. Being a Google certified agency means that a company has official seal of approval from Google for PPC marketing.

The Google Partner Advantage

Updated Product Knowledge
Every Google-certified agency or Google Partner is required to participate in product and sales training by Google. Also, as every team member is an AdWords-certified professional, Google partner is better equipped with updated product knowledge about PPC campaigns, latest trends and techniques.

Trained & Certified AdWords Analysts 
Google rewards agencies with Partner status when its staff successfully passes series of exam and the agency demonstrates its abilities to run and manage AdWords campaigns according to best practices by Google. This gives a client unparalleled advantage as all the analysts are well-versed with features, tools and techniques to successfully run a PPC campaign.

Great Utilization of All Google AdWords Features 
Google AdWords dashboard might appear easy-to-use but there are hundreds of valuable features that can affect a PPC campaign. A Google Partner understands all the feature and knows how to leverage the benefits to reduce cost and improve the performance of a campaign. Google Partners are exclusively trained by Google to use basic as well as advanced features, efficiently.

A Google Partner can optimize the use of advanced features such as negative keywords identification and insertion of dynamic keywords to unravel the hidden potential of AdWords platform for the benefit of a business.

Better Customer Service due to Regular Audit by Google
Being a Google Partner means that an agency is continuously monitored by Google and is expected to adhere to the specific guidelines set by Google. Google Partners are rigorously scrutinized by Google from time to time. This gives a client absolute peace of mind regarding the performance of the campaign. Moreover, clients get best customer service as Google requires its partners to serve clients in the best way possible according to standard best practices.

Speedy Resolution of Issues due to Dedicated Google Representative 
All Google Partners are given access to a dedicated Google representative. Google Partners are eligible for priority phone, chat and email support. Priority support helps Partners to get detailed information about new features and get answers to their queries immediately. This means that a Google Partner speaks directly with Google professionals and can take steps to optimize AdWords account, ensuring best performance at minimum cost.

Access to Beta Features 
Google Partners are way ahead of competing digital marketing agencies as they have the ability to opt in for beta testing. Beta testing of new features and tools gives them access to unique and latest AdWords features. Having access to latest beta features gives a campaign advantage of having a strong footprint through futuristic beta features. Partners get access to such features several months prior to actual release that can be a game changer in a competitive and dynamic world of online marketing.

Final Words

When it’s a matter of your online presence and reputation, having an expert on your side is all that makes a difference. Instead of being fooled by hollow promises by self-acclaimed agencies, a business should always look for certified players such as Google Partner as that will promise accurate results and required success without tumbling the finances.