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SEO needs time. It ain’t an overnight thing.

Brampton is a city thriving day by day and attracting new people and businesses. We being a Brampton SEO agency would like to draw your attention towards the world of SEO and how can it impact your business in Brampton.

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO is the process of getting search engines profoundly Google to love your business’s website and improving its ranking day by day to pop on the top of a search query relevant to your service, products or business.

Why someone with a business in Brampton needs SEO?

Being in Brampton it is very much evident that the competition between the businesses across the city is getting fierce and to get an edge over your competitors you need to get to your customers before them. This where SEO comes into play.

Here we share some facts which will compel you to go for SEO –

Brampton has a population of about 600K out which quite a lot many people would be using Google to search for products, services, and businesses present in the city.

And SEO will help you to –

  1. Improve your business’s search engine rankings.
  2. Improve the quality of your website’s traffic.
  3. To provide you with measurable results.

Hence, ultimately helping you to grow your business

Digital growth is our motto!

Brampton SEO ninjas

Growth Dot Digital and its team of SEO ninjas eat, sleep and drink SEO algorithms and strategies. We have mastered the art of getting any business in Brampton on top of the search engine results and help them drive better leads, better conversions and ultimately better profits.

It is the year on year practice helping many businesses optimize their rankings in Google search through SEO best practices that it has become something which we can even do in our sleep.

Have we boasted too much of ourselves? Well check out our project then 😉


Great alone. Better together.

Growth Dot Digital offers full stack SEO services to help your business grow, by increasing leads, revenues and profits.

How do we help?

We like to share knowledge!

  1. SEO Auditing

A complete analysis of your website to know which pages need improvement and what is driving traffic to the website. This process will include –

  • Technical Analysis – This determines if your website is working properly by taking into account factors like user accessibility and indexability.
  • On-page Analysis – This involves analyzing general content issues and individual page issues.
  • Off-page Analysis – This step analyses how strong actually your domain is? Whether people are loving and linking back to it? From which websites is it getting backlinks? And, how trusted is it by Google?
  • Competitor Analysis – Analysing your competitors to know on which factors they are ranking on search.
  • Keyword Research – Producing quality keywords on which your website’s content can bank is the most crucial step towards good ranking.
  1. Local SEO

When you are a local business in the present age where people are searching for every service and product on Google and search terms like “________ near me” is too much prevalent being on top of such searches assures that you are able to generate more leads and sell more. This can be done by –

  • Website Localization – This involves including your country, city, region name throughout your site.
  • Citation Building – This step ensures that your company’s name, address, phone number, and website URL is present on citation sites.
  • Google My Business Listing – This will help you to claim your Google My Business Page to display your business on important Google services.
  • Reviews and Ratings – This will involve managing all the reviews and ratings across Google services and other platforms on the web.
  • Backlinks – This step will ensure that your local business receives as many backlinks as much is necessary to grow your leads and hence, the business.
  1. Content Marketing and Optimisation

‘Content is King’ and so it is a must to ensure that people who visit your website love your content. This can be made possible by optimizing the already present content on your site and making it Google friendly and producing new Google and search engine friendly content relevant to your business using strategic keyword research and content marketing techniques.

  1. Link Building

Link building or as everyone famously knows it as backlinks is the process of getting other websites to link back to your site so that people can develop trust for your site and the authority of the site on Google increases.

  1. E-commerce SEO

 This includes everything from researching keywords to site architecture, on-page SEO, technical SEO, content marketing and link building for your e-commerce page or website.

  1. Google Penalty Recovery

Recover your websites which may be penalized due to a manual action or any algorithm, or bad backlinks. Don’t let your website’s ranking suffer due to these issues.

  1. Google Analytics and Search Console Setup

Google Analytics helps you to exactly track and report your website’s traffic whereas Google Search Console helps you to check the indexing status and optimize the visibility of your website. Setting up these two are a must for SEO.

  1. SEO consulting

Last but not least, we are always happy and there to consult you on all your queries related to SEO and its whereabouts.

Growth Dot Digital nails it in all these services and our team is excited to work with you on your local SEO project

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A Typical Project Cycle

Understanding Scope of Work

We gather information about your business and conduct an SEO audit to understand the current SERP visibility.
Based on the results, we draw a scope of work, share and discuss it with you. Discussion on expected results, timeline and costs happen here. .

Creating SEO Plan

Upon approval, the team draws a detailed SEO plan of activities to take place every week.
All activities are tagged with expected results.

Setting Benchmarks

A typical SEO project has a 6-month lifecycle. We set benchmarks to help you understand how the
SEO activities are going to generating results. Data analytic systems are setup to monitor, track and evaluate results.


Activity and data reporting happens from Day 1. You are kept in the loop of everything happening in the project.
Transparency and business growth are our top priorities.

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